Success Starts With
Asking Better Questions


Are you making the most of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay? Are customers dissatisfied with your experience, yet the root causes are unclear? Is your team pulling together to solve the problems, or pointing fingers at each other?

The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have sought out Rick as one of the industry’s top experts on Amazon and eBay. Rick can show you how to make the most of the big platforms you can’t afford to ignore.

When growth is elusive, Rick is an expert at asking incisive questions to surface the real issues and then present straightforward ideas that your team can actually implement.


You’ve hired a vendor, but who’s watching them?

Most retailers underestimate the complexity of a replatform by an order of magnitude, and overstate the benefits by a similar amount. Every decision to replatform means you’ll need someone to narrow the gaps, spot expensive, hidden, risks and set you up to win.

strategic technology advice

Now more than ever, big technology decisions are a bet-your-job proposition. Can you afford to miss on your next big decision?

In areas such as vendor selection and implementation, team and talent assessment, process improvement, agile innovation adoption, and more, Rick will give you objective, down-to-earth advice about what your next steps should be and how best to keep your efforts on track - especially when you need to accomplish big things on a budget that isn’t.