Start with Why: eCommerce Strategy and Strategic Technology Advice

Who put this out here?

Who put this out here?

Simon Sinek has an interesting framework called Start with Why, and I thought it was a great idea for me to do the same thing as I launch my new business.

Here are the professional reasons why I formed RMW Commerce Consulting:

  • The consequences of eCommerce strategy and strategic technology mistakes in retail are extremely high in terms of opportunity cost, lost sales, and missed revenue. When you make the wrong choices and improperly manage a project, you lose time, you lose the benefits of what you could have chosen, you may directly lose revenue, your customers may be dissatisfied, your costs go up, your employees become frustrated, and your competitors gain. Plus you have to start the process all over again.

  • There are very few independent resources in eCommerce. If you contact a vendor or a service provider, they may advise on their preferred solution even if it’s against your interest. I work only for you.

  • My 2,500+ industry network allows me to bring true experts to bear on your problem. This saves you a lot of time. Time to market is crucial.

Here are the personal reasons why I formed RMW Commerce Consulting:

  • eCommerce is what I love and know. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years.

  • I love listening and presenting solutions to people’s problems.

  • I will never regret investing in myself.

  • People keep coming to me for advice anyway.

  • The flexibility is great.

  • I love working with really smart people, and this allows me to choose who I work with.

Here’s my promise to you if we work together:

  • I will listen patiently and present a solution only after I fully understand what’s wrong and what success looks like.

  • I will never take a referral fee from a vendor or service provider for an introduction or sale. My only goal is your satisfaction. If my ideas are sound, you will want to work with me again or refer me to your friends. If partners I recommend deliver fantastic service, I won’t hesitate to work with them again.

  • I will be honest and direct. I will tell you if i can’t help.

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